Monday, November 29, 2010

Wow! (Part 2)

To continue yesterday's post, I will start off with a Halloween order. For a little girl turning 3, I made a cute little 6" double layer cake with a bat just for her. Her Mom wanted a cutesy bat, nothing scary. I think she's pretty cute :)

Since Tristyn got a cake all for herself, I made a plateful of chocolate dipped pretzel rods, decorated with Halloween colors, and added some of the leftover pumpkin candies (from the pumpkin patch cake orders) to make it extra cute.

I also made LOTS of cake ball truffles!! They were having an all day birthday party, lots of people coming and going, so she wanted enough to feed everyone.

There were at least 80 on this plate!!

The next order was for a friend's anniversary. She wanted to surprise her husband with a small cake. When she first ordered it, she said she wanted something cute and simple, and I quote, "Like a 6" cake, half chocolate half pinapple cake with bright pink cotton candy icing, a fondant monkey on the top and little cake golf balls around the edge of it. Oh and can it say 'lets go boating'?"...I thought she was serious LOL!!! So, this is what I made instead...and by the way, it's red velvet, not half chocolate and half pineapple!

With the leftover batter I had from the red velvet cake, I tried something NEW. I had no idea how these would turn out, or how they would taste, and that's the important thing! But really, how can you go wrong with chocolate?!

They were a big hit! They tasted great and looked beautiful! I have made them a few times since, and even filled some with cream cheese icing, and WOW were those good!!

Next, I made a little girl's first birthday cake and smash cake. I had made this one before, only in boy colors. They are to match a party napkin, plate and decor set you can order. They turned out so cute! And the little girl completely demolished her smash cake!!

Next I did a set of pink and green cupcakes with the pretty little pearl candies on them for a baby shower! Those little candy pearls are popular! And I love them!

When I worked at Kroger, we did many, MANY Sponge Bob cakes, it almost became monotonous. Airbrush a cake yellow, slap some flotsam arms, legs, face, and the pants on him and call him D-O-N-E! So I was really excited to make one without the luxury of an airbrush machine or plastic pieces to complete Sponge Bob's square physique :) I was a little stumped with what I'd do about his nose. I thought about that for at least a week, and still didn't have a plan even when I started decorating the cake. Then it hit me like a ton of, well, pretzels! I colored some melted white chocolate yellow, and dipped a pretzel in several times, and, VOILA! I had a nose!

And lastly, I made another set of cupcakes for a girl at our church. She just had a sweet baby girl, and they had a Sip-n-See baby shower for her. These also had the pretty pearl candies on them, and sadly, I ran out while finishing the cupcakes! Only one sad little cupcake went without the pearls, so I guess it was ok :) You can see the invitation in the top part of the picture, I did my best to match the colors from it. They were pink, aqua, orange and green.

And now I think I am all caught up. I will be taking December off so I can spend my down time with my family and enjoy the holidays. I do have a few orders, but they will be the only ones I am taking for December. I will be back as of Jan. 1, 2011. If you need something, book a few weeks in advance because my weekends book up quickly! Thanks so much!


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