Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some of my most recent cakes

Hi everyone :) Here's what I've been busy with the past couple of weekends!

First off, my little girl turned 3!! I can't even believe it - I'm a little sad. She is growing up SO fast, and I know as she gets older, the time will fly by even faster! I had a hard time deciding between Hello Kitty and Miss Spider and the Sunny Patch Kids. Hello Kitty won :) I was a huge Hello Kitty person when I was a little girl, so I made her the cake I would have loved to have as a child. It was a strawberry cake - pink, to match the colors of the cake :) She LOVED it!! It was a small 6" one layer cake since it was only the 3 of us celebrating this year. I have been so busy, I dropped the ball big time in organizing a party, but really, it turned out rather nice with just the 3 of us!!

A sweet friends of mine, Jeni, from Jeni Hendricks Photography wanted me to make a small cake for her daughter's 6th birthday, and some cake ball truffles. There was no theme or anything, just something cute. In the pictures you won't be able to see the entire cake, but it has flowers and a moon and stars on it. I thought it turned out really sweet :) **The third and fourth picture are ones that she took, and I love them!**

The next weekend I made a cake for one of my dearest friends for her baby shower. The baby's room is decorated in a Hawaiian / surfer motif, so she had a tropical baby shower. The top layer of the cake was pineapple flavored with a strawberry filling, and the bottom layer was vanilla flavored with strawberry filling. A hibiscus on top with a "grass skirt" (icing skirt LOL). All of the colors in the cake matched the colors in the nursery, too.

And here is the beautiful Mommy-to-be :)

A lady I know had seen some picture's of my daughter's 3rd birthday cake (the Hello Kitty one from above) and wanted me to make one for her 6 year old granddaughter. She went with the Hello Kitty traditional colors. Just before I took the cake to her, I ended up putting some edible glitter on the hair bow, and it was really cute! Made it sparkle :) I have not uploaded those pictures yet, or the ones of her granddaughters enjoying it, but if I get to it in the next day or so I will update this post with them. The cake was vanilla - that is my favorite flavor of the cakes that I make!!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!! Thanks for checking in!!


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